SEO strategy breakdown of Hitched

Learn the SEO and content strategy breakdown of Hitched, a leading wedding marketplace in the UK.

SEO strategy breakdown of Hitched

After Reading This Guide, You’ll Understand 🡭

  • Personalized Internal linking strategy for eCommerce
  • Building content moat with directories
  • Topical authority
  • Content repurposing strategy
  • Content UX optimized for conversions, and more.

Note: This website is a mixture of a content-heavy website and a large eCommerce site.

About Hitched 🡭

Location: UK

Niche: Wedding marketplace

Monetization models: Display Ads, products, and affiliate commission

Hitched is a UK-based wedding marketplace. Hitched assists users with everything that they need to plan their marriage. It includes educational support (tools, articles, ideas, etc.) and a marketplace to find marriage venues, suppliers, and more.

Here’s how Hitched position itself in the market:

“For over 25 years, Hitched has provided couples with help, advice, and inspiration covering every aspect of wedding planning from the engagement right through to the honeymoon and beyond – in fact, Hitched has the answer to every question when it comes to planning a day that’s unique to you.”

Results Achieved 🡭

Hitched is one of the organic search leaders in the UK wedding industry. Some interesting stats about their website:

  • 2.8 million organic traffic per month
  • 2.2 million backlinks from 37k+ referring domains
  • Organic monthly traffic increased by almost 90% in the last 3 years.

Aug 2019: 1.48 million organic visits per month

Nov 2022: 2.8 million organic visits per month

Also, 74.2% of their total traffic comes from organic search proving that Hitched is a giant force in SEO and content marketing.

SEO Strategy Breakdown 🡭