How To Evaluate The Ranking Difficulty of Keywords?

Not sure whether to target a keyword based on keyword difficulty metric? Learn how to evaluate ranking difficulty of a keyword.

How To Evaluate The Ranking Difficulty of Keywords?

After Reading This Guide, You’ll Understand 🡭

  • How to evaluate the ranking opportunity of a keyword
  • How to prioritize your keyword list

Concepts To Know Before Reading This Guide 🡭

Ranking difficulty - The ranking difficulty is a concept of identifying the ranking difficulty of your website for the target keyword.

Keyword difficulty (KD) -KD is calculated using our own unique algorithm, and it is based on the number of referring domains (RDs) the Top 10 ranking pages (organic search results only) for a given keyword have.” – Ahrefs.

Why It Is Important To Measure The Ranking Difficulty of Keywords 🡭

Many websites write and publish a ton of content, but they hardly get organic traffic due to many reasons.

One of the key reasons for not ranking your web pages on the first page is targeting keywords with higher ranking difficulty.

An ineffective approach to keyword research and content creation looks like this: