How I'd Grow Invention-patent-drawings [SEO Audit]

Learn how I'd Grow Invention-patent-drawings [SEO Audit]...

How I'd Grow Invention-patent-drawings [SEO Audit]

About The Website →

Invention-patent-drawings is a patent drawing service provider mainly for the US. The target audience is patent attorneys and inventors who are looking for drawing solutions to their idea/ patent.

Patent drawing: “A patent application or patent may contain drawings, also called patent drawings, illustrating the invention, some of its embodiments, or the prior art” – Wikipedia.

Some important stats of the website:

Since last year, the organic traffic of Invention-patent-drawings has been decreasing continuously. Also, another important point is that most of the backlinks are coming from directory sites or irrelevant sites that will hardly be beneficial from an SEO standpoint.

Here’s What I’d Do to Grow Invention-patent-drawings →

Let’s break down the key implementations that I’d do to grow the website.