Content Marketing Breakdown of PharmEasy [EAT, Content Moat, & CRO Practices]

This is the content marketing strategy breakdown of PharmEasy. Find actionable insights on building EAT, programmatic SEO, and more.

Content Marketing Breakdown of PharmEasy [EAT, Content Moat, & CRO Practices]

After Reading This Guide, You’ll Understand 🡭

  • Planning content creation at scale
  • Benefits of building glossary pages for technical terms
  • Improving EAT for YMYL sites
  • Optimizing product and category pages for user and SEO benefits

About The Business 🡭

PharmEasy is one of the leading healthcare platforms in India that offers medicines and healthcare products, get online doctor consultations, and book medical lab test services.

Results Achieved 🡭

It’s safe to say that SEO is their primary source of customer acquisition as PharmEasy gets close to 10 million organic visits every month.

Some stats about the PharmEasy website:

  • Getting over 9.4 million organic visits per month
  • 100k+ backlinks from 12.5k different domains

PharmEasy primarily offers two types of offerings such as:

  • Selling medicines and healthcare products
  • Medical lab test services

And they have built a content moat around each of their offerings by building huge content assets that are hard to copy and compete with.

For example, PharmEasy has created 7k+ pages targeting search queries like:

  • Online medicine delivery in [place name]
  • Online medicine in [place name]

Here, you can imagine the number of pages that can be created for different places in India. This is what they have done by creating a huge number of pages at scale to target every possible location in India.

Similarly, they have created a page for almost every popular medicine in India.


Generating 6+ million monthly organic visits from the medicine name related queries such as:

  • Coriflam (monthly search volume ~ 94,000)
  • Limcee tablet (monthly search volume ~ 88,000)
  • Dolo 650 (monthly search volume ~ 250,000)

This also helped them to rank in the top 10 positions for almost 200k+ search queries, all related to medicine names.

Not only this, there are many ways PharmEasy is dominating the SERP and driving leads and customers for their business offerings.

And, their huge content inventory is hard to replicate for any new brand in this niche.

Let's dive right into the SEO and content strategies of PharmEasy and key takeaways that you, too, can implement in your business.