Content Marketing Breakdown of Ironclad [B2B SaaS]

This is a content marketing strategy breakdown of Ironclad, a B2B SaaS company dominating its niche.

Content Marketing Breakdown of Ironclad [B2B SaaS]

After Reading This Guide, You’ll Understand 🡭

  • How B2B SaaS can use content marketing for growth
  • Building topical authority
  • Planning content for BOFU
  • Product-led content planning

About The Business 🡭

Ironclad is considered one of the leaders in the contract management software industry. The company helps manage the entire contract process within an organization, including vendor agreements, contract reviews, editing, and others.

→ Target audience: Global; Company established: 2014

Some of the features of their software are:

  • Contract reviews
  • Contract workflow designing
  • Digital contracting
  • Contract data reporting
  • Integrates with 10+ third-party platforms (Salesforce, Google Doc, etc.)

Results Achieved 🡭

Some of the stats about Ironclad:

  • Organic monthly traffic: 107k+
  • Referring domains: 1.83k
  • Traffic value: $81.7k

Ironclad has increased its organic traffic by 6 times (520% increase) in the last 12 months.

Here, you can see the organic traffic growth chart:

If you see the graph of Ironclad’s traffic growth, you will find a high correlation between the number of organic pages, referring domains, and organic traffic.

Let’s dive right into the content marketing strategy breakdown of Ironclad.