Content Marketing Strategy Helps You In Identifying Why, What, When, And How To Create And Distribute Content For Achieving Business Goals.

Content Marketing Strategy Helps You In Identifying Why, What, When, And How To Create And Distribute Content For Achieving Business Goals.

💡 Lesson 1 →

The Basics Of Content Marketing Strategy

The basics of content marketing strategy

> Read the article📃: Basics of developing a content marketing strategy

FROM → Copyblogger

DESCRIPTION → This basic guide teaches you what is a content marketing strategy and what is not. Most of all, learn what questions to ask before planning the strategy.

💡 Lesson 2 →

Setting Content Marketing Goals

> Read the article📃: 10 Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuing

FROM → Copyblogger

DESCRIPTION → Goal setting in content marketing is one of the most vital tasks. Not sure what goals to choose? Read this and guide and learn about 10 goals worth pursuing.

💡 Lesson 3 →

Content Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business


> Read the article📃: Content marketing strategy to grow your business

FROM → OptinMonster

DESCRIPTION → Get started with preparing an effective content marketing goal that covers from goal setting to measuring content performance.

💡 Lesson 4 →

Content And The Marketing Funnel

content marketing funnel moz

> Read the article📃: Content and the Marketing Funnel


DESCRIPTION → Every buyer goes through three basic stages: awareness, consideration, decision stage. Therefore producing content based on buyers’ journey helps you funnel your visitors from strangers to paying customers.

💡 Lesson 5 →

B2B Content Marekting: Definition, Types, Strategy

> Read the article📃: B2B Content marketing: definition, types, & strategy

SOURCE → Backlinko

DESCRIPTION → Learn about the key differences between B2B and B2C strategy and how to approach both.

💡 Lesson 6 →

How To Create A Great Buyer's Journey

SOURCE → HubSpot

DESCRIPTION → Learning how to build a buyer’s journey helps you create relevant content for the right people at the right time. Hence it increases your conversion over a long period. Learn how to do it properly.

💡 Lesson 7 →

Building A Content Marketing Strategy

SOURCE → HubSpot

DESCRIPTION → This video tutorial explains the benefits of developing a long-term content strategy and why to audit your content frequently for better performance.

💡 Lesson 8 →

Advanced Content Marketing Guide From Scratch

> Download the eBook📒: content marketing guide neil patel

INSIGHTS FROM → Neil Patel And Kathryn Aragon

NOTE → This eBook is  one of the most practical eBook you’; ever read on content marketing. Some of the tactics from this eBook may be outdated. The best practice will be to use this guide to prepare your content marketing strategy on Google Sheet. You’ll get a step-by-step process here.

💡 Lesson 9 →

Blog Editorial Template


> Access the FREE template📑: Blog editorial template

FROM → Airtable

NOTE → This free blogging editorial template is enough to track and manage your content for a long period. Just make a copy of this template and start using it for free.

💡 Lesson 10 →

Social Media Calendar Template


> Access the FREE template📑: Social Media Calendar Template

FROM → Airtable

NOTE → Get this social media template that helps you stay consistent in delivering useful content to different social media channels.

💡 Lesson 11 →

Content Marketing For Service Business


DESCRIPTION → This is highly recommended for any freelancer and agency owners. It covers common mistakes and some best practices to get benefit from content marketing to get clients and grow your business.

💡 Lesson 12 →

Content Framework Of Top B2B Companies

SOURCE→ Andry Crestodina (OrbitMedia)

DESCRIPTION → Expect a little advanced guide on content marketing. This video shows you how to build linkable and shareworthy content assets and how to become a data-driven content marketer.

💡 Lesson 13 →

Content Strategy Playbook

SOURCE→ Andry Crestodina (CXL)

DESCRIPTION → Learn how you can develop a data-driven content strategy to generate leads and get SEO benefits.

💡 Lesson 14 →

5 Examples Of Original Content Research

> Read the article📃: 5 Examples of Original Research

Insights from Orbit Media

DESCRIPTION → Take your learning to the next step by knowing the benefits of producing original research-based content.